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( Updated: Mon 18 Mar 2007 )
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My Linux distribution of choice is SuSE.  I think they put out a fine product, and I'm willing to say so.

If you're going to run SuSE, and you're not going to be satisfied with some of the programs that don't release SuSE RPMs, you need to bookmark this url: http://www.usr-local-bin.org/.  I just finished installing the latest GAIM in only a few seconds after fighting with it on my own for two months.

Another resource for SuSE RPMs is Packman.

The following items are a mixed bag of tips and tricks for everyone from the experienced Linux user to the first time newbie.  I hope you find them helpful, and occassionally amusing.

Looking for something?

Pretty code printing, 2-cols/page, 2-sided, with line numbers:

Printing 2-column/2-sides from Mozilla:

Dealing with spam

Can't print more than one copy?

Pick and editor, learn to use it:
Burn a CD:
Getting a simple "failsafe" Xsession for a user:
    make a copy of the .xinitrc.template to .xinitrc in the user's home directory
    edit the .xinitrc file -> change the last command from exec $WINDOWMANAGER to exec $failsafe

    [this is great when you're planning on using a low-end machine as a thin client. You can then set up your keys and your .bashrcs to have the user automatically logged into a more powerful machine and have the actual X desktop started up from there.]

do something until some time
    Set up a while loop that tests the time (with date), and repeat until test fails.


    I want to play an internet stream, restarting automatically if the stream gets interrupted, until 2:00 pm.

    while (( `date +%H` < 14 )); do mplayer "http://www.url.com/path/to/stream"; done

    `date +%H` executes a shell, returning the current hour only.

    < 14 will compare the returned number to '14'

    while ... do ...; done is your loop structure.

parse a set of MP3 index pages and download the MP3s

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